Friday, December 30, 2011

confessions link up

1. i've learned a few lessons this year:

you should never delete/get rid of pictures. save all of them. one day you'll think of a certain picture or party or whatever, but then realize you deleted all of the pictures for one reason or another. and there's no way to replace them. i deleted soooooo many pictures from the last ten years (and threw them away i guess before digital cameras?) and i regret it.

never ever take your health for granted. never take a day you're feeling really great (or just average and well) for granted, and never skip working out on one of those days unless there's a really good reason. because one day, out of nowhere, something could happen or you could have some crazy or annoying medical issue pop up, that leaves you unable to work out/do much for however many days, and you'll regret wasting so much time and taking so much for granted before. or you'll end up in the hospital/at home taking care of someone and you will feel like you don't have any time for yourself.

along with the never taking health for granted, never slack off on nutrition and eating. you never know how what you're putting into your body affects your health. i had been eating pretty healthy for the past few years, and then this year (and most of last), i just ate such junk. and then suddenly i had health issues popping up out of nowhere. yeah, it could just be part of getting older i guess (but i'm not that old, haha), or, i'm convinced, it could be a result of all the bad eating/not taking care of yourself/etc.

2. i had one of the best mini christmas vacations. i miss florida. (but i don't think i'd ever move back except to be with family/friends. there are no jobs!)

3. i can't stop watching gossip

4. i'm sort of boycotting new years. it's sooooo much hype and 99% of the time is a huge letdown. i had 2-3 amazing NYEs during law school, that can probably never be beat, so i'm not even going to try. plus everything is so expensive! (and so packed.)

5. i want to start writing again, like really writing. i used to have this notebook full of random poems i'd write during middle school/high school. i'm not sure if the poems were even good, i have no idea where the book is, but it seems like a good idea to get stuff onto paper...

6. how is it december 30?! i don't feel like this year flew by at all, each day was like 10 years long, but now it's december 30th and i feel like i wasted a ton of days. i hate that.


  1. Great list! I agree New Year's is just a lot of hype ~ I mean have you seen commercials for that movie with like EVERYONE in it?!?! You should post some of your poems on here!! I would love to read your writing!!

    Well happy new calendar!!!

    ♥ Shia

  2. You have such great points...everyone should take note of them! The best of luck to you in 2012!

    We just came across your blog & we're now following. Visit our blog sometime & follow back if you'd like to keep in touch! We'd love to hear from you.

    Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

  3. Thanks for sharing your list! You are so right about the pictures!!!

    Thanks for linking up at Military Monday! :)