Tuesday, December 6, 2011


day 5 of holiday blog challenge
how do you celebrate the holidays?

first we'll make snow angels for two hours...
then we'll go ice skating
then we'll eat a whole roll of Tollhouse Cookiedough as fast as we can

and then we'll snuggle.

anyway, i actually celebrate the christmas season this way:
i bake cookies:
put up a mini christmas tree:
maybe wrap our front door...
send out cards...

hope it snows...
have a little christmas party...

and bake more cookies...

side note, some of these questions are tough, because there are traditions/things i did when growing up, and when i go home for christmas, and then things we've done last year..not really our own new traditions or celebrations but, kind of? and it just makes me miss being a kid. when we were little it was fun to wake up early christmas morning (or sneak out of bed some time that night) to scope out the presents and try to guess what we would receive..then sneak back into bed and pretend to be asleep until around 5am when we could wake up our parents. now, not so fun..i just want to sleep in, haha.


  1. haha i love that movie :)

    fun ways to spend christmas!!

  2. Sounds fantastic! I always hope for snow on Christmas morning and that is the only day of the year I ever hope for it.

  3. Haha - love Elf! Great plan for Christmas. We drove around to look at lights and then watched A Christmas Story last Christmas Eve so I hope to make that our new tradition. :)

  4. I just made my fiance suffer through watching Elf...I think Elf and A Christmas Story are the best Christmas movies!!

    PS Love the Christmas cards!!

    ♥ Shia