Thursday, May 31, 2012

it might be ok.

it's ok... be really horrible at yoga. i don't think it's my balance as much as my arm/core strength..and by "strength" i mean i have very little. i have no idea how people do all the crazy poses like this. be really sore from Murph. so. many. squats. and i did a scaled version - half of the full workout! my legs felt like jelly for the last half mile run. really want plumcots to be back in season. they're so amazing. not really be sure about this whole marriage thing. it's so much work, and not fun if one person isn't willing to put in effort. i really don't think anyone knows what they're getting into when they say their vows..unless they've been together for years and years and years. really want to just take 2 weeks off and go to the beach in florida. and see family. and old friends. and people i never get to hang out with for more than 2 hours every like 4 months when i go back. this whole real life having a job thing..not so fun! at least with school you get summer breaks..and time to actually unwind.

Source: via Krista on Pinterest really miss florida. want to move back some days. just drop everything here, and move back. but i'm so committed to things here, i could never just drop all of those commitments. never even think of buying a house/condo here. partly because it's so expensive. partly because i never want to have to do all that work. and partly because it's not florida. want to shred my debit card and call my bank and ask them to change the that i don't spend any money for a while. be on day 4 of no sweets..and be so hungry all the time, i seriously think my body needs chocolate to survive. i mean, how amazing does this look? really love cucumber and watermelon. feel out of place at a new crossfit gym. it just feels awkward when you don't know anyone and you're one of the um..least the entire gym. skip one of my favorite events this weekend, wine fest, because i don't want to spend money drunkenly buying many bottles of wine. (that's what happens.) bake for meetings. (is this ok?) be really pumped for the BEACH next week. it's not florida, but i'll get to hang out with some of my favorite dc people..anddd maybe tan. still lay in the sun even after your doctor finds an atypical mole (non-cancerous, but i guess it means i'm at a higher risk?). i feel like this is not actually ok, but i feel so much better when tan. life is just better tan. keep breaking sunglasses somehow. i really have no idea how. i need a better sunglass storage solution..and carrying solution...and wearing solution. i just bought $4 pairs of sunglasses so i'm not upset when i break them, but it will happen... need quotes to get through the day.
Source: via Krista on Pinterest

Source: via Krista on Pinterest


  1. Marriage IS hard but if one person doesnt want to put in the work... then what...??

  2. I would sure say that it is okay to bake for a meeting! I'd love to come to that meeting and eat :) Can't wait to follow along!


  3. Marriage doesn't always have to be hard...I hope that your spouse starts caring
    :( To keep myself from eating sweets I eat coconut peanut butter and fruit, cereal (still bad but not as bad and more filling), oatmeal (topped with fun toppings), and if you freeze bananas they turn out just like ice cream! Seriously, try it. I miss Florida too, but home is now where ever my soldier is. I just hope that we can end up in Florida eventually! At least DC is tons of fun!! I love it there.

    1. Yesss, I've read recipes for paleo ice cream and it's mashed up frozen banana and some cocoa powder. I haven't tried it yet, but since it has been sooo hot here, I definitely need to!

      Sometimes I wish I could just teleport to Florida for a weekend..or even just a night, haha.

  4. Hey there, fellow DC dweller! Maybe we will run into each other sometime! I would be so excited if we did! Thanks for your comments and following.