Friday, June 1, 2012


I think it's a good day for this...

Confession: I spend too much money on clothes. Seriously, if I see a sale at Ann Taylor or Loft of NY & Co. or JCrew, I will find something to buy at least 75% of the time. And yeah, usually the sale is so good that I'm getting a great deal (like a skirt, 4 tops, sunglasses, all for like $70)..but do I really neeeeed all of that stuff? No. What I really need is to clean out my closet so that I can actually see the clothes I have..and I need some more creativity/inspiration/skill in choosing outfits! (I also probably have so many clothes that are currently 1-2 sizes too small for me, since I got sooo out of shape last year and am still not dedicated enough to get back into shape.) I partly blame pinterest for the shopping obsession...

So...for the next 30 days, no buying clothes or bags! I will make one exception to buy one new purse because all of mine are so worn out..but I don't buy expensive purses anyway. 

Hopefully, this will help me save a little more for my upcoming California trip, and maybe a beach vacay after that :)

Ok, back to confessions:
...I baked last night, and even though I've been pretty hardcore paleo for the last few days, had to try what I made. I couldn't bring it to the office for people to eat without making sure it was good, you know? Anyway, now my stomach is not happy at all. (I really shouldn't have even baked...I started pouring stuff, then realized we were out of flour, then went to CVS, they were also out of flour, so then I just gave up and used half cake flour and half graham cracker turned out prettttty delicious though!) I made these guys, pic is from the smitten kitchen site:

...I am confused about Kelly Clarkson's country-ish accent on the Duet last night. I didn't think she had one before, did she?

...I don't want to do anything this weekend except lay at a pool and relax.

...I'm so amazed at how much girls can lift/squat/etc. at the gym. I've done a back squat with over 100lbs before, but rep. max. It's crazy to me that girls can do several reps way over 100 lbs. I'm jealous. 

...I thought this week was going to be short, but it actually seems wayyyy longer than four days!

...I'm still friends with some exes (and yes, I'm married). But a few of them are still some of my best friends. And I hang out with them sometimes when I'm just feels nice to be around people who really know you sometimes, you know? People who you've been through so much with, and even though things didn't work out for whatever reasons, you still love (as a friend) and want to hang out with. 

...I rock out to call me maybe at the gym. Then I get self-conscious and think that everyone around me can hear it (maybe they can)...but sometimes I also listen to old boy bands, so I don't know which is worse...

...I don't have baby fever. not at all. not even a tiny bit. But I do love kids. 

...I really, really really, need a haircut. It's so much longer than normal that it's annoying me when running!

...I'm so glad it's Friday, if only it were next week, I would be waking up at the beach!


  1. Thanks for participating girl! The first link up will officially be up on Friday, so don't forget to link up!

  2. No idea what Kelly Clarkson normally sounds like when not singing, but I'll tell you this much: that woman always has fabulous hair.