Thursday, August 16, 2012

i'm's ok....

it's ok... not have posted anything for months - sorry! i've been focusing on PR stuff for junior league, and work has been busy, and i went on vacation... really like doing PR :) like, reallllly like it. be the only person in the world without an iPhone. ok, not in the world...but EVERYONE i know has an iphone, except me. i just can't go back to touch screen, i feel old... be really upset if nadal ends up having to retire because of injuries. watch here comes honey boo every week. and tweet quotes from it. so ridiculous. not really be surprised by which states have the most obese people. but ok, clearly this is a huge (not a pun) intended - when is something going to change? americans just keep getting fatter and more and more unhealthy. not have another vacation planned. and to be really upset about this. where can i go? be on probably week 4 of strict Whole30-style paleo, but to have made exceptions on weekends - not food, just alcohol (but a paleo-friendly drink that bartenders have kind of been annoyed at me about - norcal margarita!) have become "ill" late saturday night because of so many of those margaritas. vomiting is so horrible. not really miss any processed foods...except ice cream and cookies. i can totally live without bread, pasta, rice, chips...but cookies? i'm not so sure. i've made paleo brownies before, a few different recipes, which were pretty delicious, and i think i could totally live with those instead of regular cookies...except at christmas time. partly never want to eat gluten again because of an incident a few weeks ago. went out with friends, had some drinks (not the paleo-friendly margarita like above, i think it was just wine), and a beer (maybe this was the major mistake), and a slice of super greasy pizza when drunk at 2am. i woke up around 3am with the worst stomach pain EVER in life. i was teary,trying not to try. i laid in bed for at least 45 minutes just cringing in pain, grabbing at my stomach, trying to figure out what was going on and how to make it stop. i was so close to waking up the husband to have him take me to the ER - it was that bad. just not want to run lately. my running workouts on monday and tuesday were rough - not far, just rough, my legs felt so heavy, i felt out of energy. really want to go back to school for a masters, but then, not want to go back because of sooo many articles out there that say it might not be worth it. i think experience is more important than the degree (depending on the field of course) BUT if no one will hire you because you don't have that experience...what do you do? be worried when your husband can go more than one day (i'm not going to say how long) without showering. and to be really disgusted. but can't say anything because he gets upset and defensive. GET HELP. the end. be iffy about getting more cells removed from where a mole was today. i just hate knives. i didn't really feel it the first time, and it was like 30 seconds long...but this must take a little longer, right? ugh. not be super upset about taking a day or two off from working out because of the above (to let my arm heal a little before doing things that will increase blood pressure so soon after). i mean, i love working out, but just don't have as much energy as before lately...and 1-2 days off will certainly help my shoulder heal a little more before pushing it more. have purchased tickets to four different concerts in one day. and then tickets for another concert a week later. SO. EXCITED. add in periods for emphasis. like. this. i don't even know why i do it. love my chiropractor for doing ART therapy. but hate that my insurance doesn't cover it. it's $50/visit...and i've spent probably over $600 in the last two months on this. luckily my shoulder is mostly better, but there are still days it is a little worse. just heal already! be banning myself from purchasing any more work clothes. seriously, i keep buying from ny& co when there are big sales. but honestly, my poor closet....i need to go through it and box some stuff up (and move those boxes to storage)...and actually hang all this stuff up instead of leaving it in a huge pile on the dresser. do you ever do that? i just end up using the same clothes over and over (washing of course) and leaving them in a pile...instead of mixing it up. not ban myself from buying workout clothes. have you tried the compression workout capris from old navy? they're like $20, so way less expensive than big workout brands, but (i think) just as good.

...that this post does not feature any photos. sorry :(