Thursday, October 4, 2012

101 in 1001 update

I'll start this by saying...some of my 101 things were probably a little more ambitious than they should be :) My start date was June/July 2011. I think I've completed a total of 20-something..sooo I have quite a bit more to go.

2. run a half marathon (ran napa to sonoma half in july 2012 - so great! well, it was great in the beginning, up to about mile 6, and then it was not AS great, until the finish line. then it was fun to have finished.)
3. avoid eating at restaurants for 30 days - because i'm mostly paleo most of the time, this one is just easy for me..i'd rather know what's in my food anyway
15. go snow tubing - i wish i could go snow tubing every weekend
34. take (and pass) crossfit L1 test before dec 31st (2011) - yayyy! and they have a crossfit trainer directory now, i'm on there :)
38. visit napa again (half marathon)
39. plan a girls' vacay
  40. actually go on girls' vacay
  45. take vacay with the fam (tahoe/san fran) - i think i should move to tahoe?
46. take on a leadership role in an organization
47. take on PR or other leadership role in junior league
  49. become active in junior league - joined june 2011
  64. buy (and use) another dresser - ok, this happened, but my clothes are not at all organized. i think i need a professional organizer/stylist. on retainer. to come over and organize/pick out my clothes. weekly. 
  66. enter a baking contest - july 2011 - but now want to enter a non-biased baking contest
  69. actually use kitchen aid mixer to bake something (i use it all the time now!)
  73. get rid/give away a bunch of stuff sitting in storage (probably need to do this again. or like 5 more times.)
  76. get a "new" haircut (by "new" i actually dyed by hair brown and then let natural color come back. it's SO much better than wasting so much money on highlights every month or two.)
  78. write a thank you note to someone in an under-appreciated job (i'd love to do this more)
  86. go to professional tennis match (legg-mason)
97. successfully bake a layered cake (will post pics soon)

I also added some bonus ones (or replacement ones when I decide something isn't doable):

-join/start cornhole/skeeball team one season (ok, did this a few times)
-see mayday parade live again (amaz)

and bonus ones yet to be completed:
-go skydiving again, preferably somewhere awesome near a beach
-say yes to everything (reasonable) for a day
-say no to everything for a day
-take an anti-gravity yoga class ( )
-take a parkour class (just because how ridiculous is it??)
-buy one of the deal of the day vacations, and just go
-take a sailing class
-see a penguin. in person. (ridiculous)
-take a picture with a celebrity
-send a secret to postsecret
-visit fallingwater, pa  -
-drive the road to hana (maui)
-run big sur marathon relay - find 4 friends
-try lava barre

Monday, October 1, 2012

hey guys, guess what?

For the first time since JUNE, I successfully did (a few) burpees (yesterday) and rowed (3 rounds of 500m) without pain!

I think everyone hates/loves burpees, and by hates/loves, I mean hates, despises, would really rather do anything else except burpees. After surgery in March (way fun), once I started working out again (after completing a 5K with the worst time ever) I followed the Crossfit Endurance programming, which, luckily, seemed to have a lot of burpees involved. And I hated burpees. (Yes, actually.) So I would throw in a few burpees on days they were not involved in the workouts, to force myself to get better at them and stop hating them. I wouldn't say I was good at them - I feel like maybe I'm not strong/brave enough to throw myself down, and then not strong enough to forcefully push myself back up as quickly as most crossfitters. But, I got to a point where I didn't hate them (as much) and actually felt like they weren't (as) horrible.

Then I injured my shoulder, and anything involving pushing or pulling was out for a while (and anything overhead for a while longer). After my first push up attempts a few weeks ago, I still had some lingering pain, so I was too afraid to even attempt burpees. But now, I did it...somewhat successfully (aka no pain, knock on wood), and I'm happy about it. (Isn't it weird that once you get older you get excited/happy about stuff that, 5 years ago, you would have thought was ridiculous? I'm happy that I can do burpees again? I'm excited to go grocery shopping? I'm happy if I don't have plans on Friday night so I can gym and then sit in front of the TV? What is going on?!)

Today's wod:
3 rounds:
500m row
15 kettlebell swing (used 35#)
15 knees to elbows

Anyway, I'm going to (some time this week) post a delicious s'mores cake recipe I made for my little cousin's birthday. It was so delicious, sooooo delicious, and the first time I had attempted a layered cake in a long time. And it probably proved that I should have been a baker.