Monday, October 1, 2012

hey guys, guess what?

For the first time since JUNE, I successfully did (a few) burpees (yesterday) and rowed (3 rounds of 500m) without pain!

I think everyone hates/loves burpees, and by hates/loves, I mean hates, despises, would really rather do anything else except burpees. After surgery in March (way fun), once I started working out again (after completing a 5K with the worst time ever) I followed the Crossfit Endurance programming, which, luckily, seemed to have a lot of burpees involved. And I hated burpees. (Yes, actually.) So I would throw in a few burpees on days they were not involved in the workouts, to force myself to get better at them and stop hating them. I wouldn't say I was good at them - I feel like maybe I'm not strong/brave enough to throw myself down, and then not strong enough to forcefully push myself back up as quickly as most crossfitters. But, I got to a point where I didn't hate them (as much) and actually felt like they weren't (as) horrible.

Then I injured my shoulder, and anything involving pushing or pulling was out for a while (and anything overhead for a while longer). After my first push up attempts a few weeks ago, I still had some lingering pain, so I was too afraid to even attempt burpees. But now, I did it...somewhat successfully (aka no pain, knock on wood), and I'm happy about it. (Isn't it weird that once you get older you get excited/happy about stuff that, 5 years ago, you would have thought was ridiculous? I'm happy that I can do burpees again? I'm excited to go grocery shopping? I'm happy if I don't have plans on Friday night so I can gym and then sit in front of the TV? What is going on?!)

Today's wod:
3 rounds:
500m row
15 kettlebell swing (used 35#)
15 knees to elbows

Anyway, I'm going to (some time this week) post a delicious s'mores cake recipe I made for my little cousin's birthday. It was so delicious, sooooo delicious, and the first time I had attempted a layered cake in a long time. And it probably proved that I should have been a baker.

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