Wednesday, April 25, 2012

i can't stop pinning

gooey s'mores cookies

nutella chocolate chip muffins

snickers cake

nutella ice cream

chocolate chip banana bread

h&m shoes

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

oops, i bought shoes

- i had to go to the verizon store yesterday, which is at pentagon city mall (if you're ever in dc, avoid pentagon city mall - sooooo many kids from tour groups!). and then i walked into ann taylor, just to look, not really looking to buy..and they had the cap toe pointy flats that i've been staring at (online) for weeks now. and on sale! they were $69.99 and then 30% off (they wouldn't accept my 40% off coupon) $51! (i can't find a pic of the blue ones. i loveddd the pink ones but the sales associate said they never got the pink or black. the black are still online though! but not as cheap..)
- this weather is so crazy. it was 40-something yesterday, and rainy and gross. today, sunny and maybe 60s. i never know what to wear now!  - flights are SO expensive! i want to fly home to surprise my mom for mother's day. it used to be $49 each way to fly to florida...ok, that was 6 years ago, but still! now the roundtrip is over $300. that makes me sad. - do you ever find old pictures and realize how happy/tan/fun your life used to be? but at the time you never knew it? i dislike that feeling. (ps - added some pics on the sidebar over there!)- i really want to run a marathon relay later this year, or next. just the idea of running with a team...somewhere pretty...excuse for a mini vacation..sounds awesome. problem is, i don't have too many friends who run...and after napa this year, i feel like those friends may want to run less. i just want to run and run and run. - i am on day 2 of paleo..attempt #2 of this year. i'm tired of feeling so blah all the time, and i'm convinced part of it is because of my diet/health. the other part is not so easily fixed. i'm feeling a little more tired than usual, but it's probably because of the lack of sugar - i usually have some cookies or something ridiculously sweet right about now (and then crash 30 minutes later). - sooooooo it's that time - high school reunion time. i have no idea if i will go to mine or skip it. i reallllly want to skip it but if everyone else goes and it's open bar...welllllll, can't turn down open bar. but then there's the whole everyone bragging thing...

Sunday, April 22, 2012

this modern love is a taco truck

it's raining and it has been raining all day. gross. my friend and i ran a 5k yesterday at bluemont vineyard - i thought i was ready, the first 2 miles were fun..problem is, i was not prepared for the entire race to be on the mountain, in and out of vines, on a weird side incline, up and down, back and out, and then the huge hill...soo let's just say the last half mile up the "hill" took me almost 20 minutes. pathetic! after the race (after i recovered enough to not feel like passing out), i swore i would never do it again, and i could not think of why anyone ever would do it again, ever! but now..maybe do it again to prove that i can actually run up the hill next time? hmmm.

 my phone has died, and will not charge. it kind of feels like the end of the world. i can't post anything to twitter. i can't check in anywhere on foursquare, i don't know where all of my friends are at any moment. i can't check facebook unless i'm at a computer. i don't get my emails right away. i can't talk to anyone. ahhhhh! how did we live before cell phones and all these apps? i feel so disconnected!

 i've really been wanting some cool blazers to change up my work wardrobe. i have suit blazers, but they're all black or pinstripe. problem is blazers are pretty expensive, and tough to find a good fit. i found a few on forever 21, but i can't decide if it's worth it...they're around $27 each's forever 21.
my goal of the year is to make my closet look more like this:
or this
...even though it is not that big, and not really walk-in... and lastly, here's a little sunday/monday inspiration:

Friday, April 20, 2012

confessions and more shopping

-i definitely walk my dog while wearing pajamas most mornings. problem is, he still pulls really bad..which results in him dragging me all over the block..and i get sweaty. so i don't want to get dressed for work, walk him, and be sweaty already. i think people are tired of my pajama-morning antics though. i mean i have like yoga shorts and a tank top on at 7am walking the dog..while other people are out there in gym clothes and normal clothes at the dog park. but why dirty more clothes just to walk him?

-my tax return (which was a ridiculously low amount and i'm upset about it, last year i got double. stupid taxes) was deposited into my account 4 business days after filing. i put off filing as long as possible because, if money is in my account, i'm more likely to spend it. and i need this tax return money for my half marathon trip to napa in july! but flights are still expensive (i'm thinking/hoping they will go down soon) so i haven't booked yet. and now i'm afraid i'm going to spend it.

-i am obsessed with this site -
i can't stop clicking through and looking at all the outfits. problem is, my closet is too full/overflowing (and a lot of stuff isn't even in the closet, just in a pile on top of the dresser..and next to the dresser) so i can't even find things that would look good together!

-i have a shopping problem. for example, shopping online before work is bad news. i don't even have any idea what i ended up buying. but new york & company has $90 off $180! and i spent about 100 after the coupon..

i bought this skirt:

and this lace-trimmed skirt:

and a cardigan or two:

and a few of these cowl neck tanks in different colors:

and this skirt (i really wanted it in blue but they only have the rose color):

-i seriously have a major shopping problem this week. in a quick 10-minute pre-lunch break, i checked out the sales on hautelook today. these pictures are going to be teeny because i can't copy the image links from the site:
first, they have KALYX sportsbras on sale, which are my absolute favorite. i saw them a few months ago on hautelook, was looking for new sportsbras, and figured since they were between $10-15, how could it not work out well? (victoria's secret ones are like $40! for a sportsbra! other big names are just as expensive.) these are amazing! and they're $10-15 this time. i love the one made for D-DD sizes especially (not shown below)

i bought this hat for gold cup, not realizing that it would not be delivered until after gold cup. but, it was $13. so it will probably sit in my closet until next year..or wine fest.

this clutch is so adorable, and only $26. i got it in this aqua color and coral too.

i've been looking for a new handbag, and this one converts into a backpack. whenever i fly home, i end up carrying a duffel bag and a backpack, and then i stuff my purse into the backpack. this purse turns into a backpack! so i'm thinking i can just use this purse as the purse/backpack..and it's such a clever idea.

-i need to stop online shopping. no more this month or next, no more. but the deals are just too's how i'm rationalizing it - i haven't been going out to drink or going out to eat for the last month or two. and the things i'm buying are lower-cost items (i'm not buying designer stuff, i know i can't afford that). what's weird to me though, is that there are a few higher cost items i've been wanting for months (like inov-8s, $125, and a foam roller, but we don't have a hard surface in our apartment) but i keep putting those off to buy more low-cost stuff! i'm on this mission to become more fashionable, and to do so i feel like i need to add to my wardrobe. but, i also need to clean out my maybe buying more is a way to force myself to do so.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

ann taylor - sale!

sooo 40% off with the friends and family code!
(psst, it's 40FRIENDS)
i really need to "spice up" my work clothes. i pretty much wear a dress and cardigan every day. every. single. day. i vary the colors, and the shoes, and the cardis, but i need more of a mix.

this mini jacquard skirt is SO on sale in the sale section, but i don't think i could ever pull it off. but it's $12 after the it would be irresponsible for me not to buy it, right?

there's also a glitter tweed skirt, $35 after the discount!

and a textured jacquard skirt, for $24 after the discount:

and then there is this leopard sequin jacquard skirt (only sequin on the front) just $18 after the discount!!

and then there is this amaaaazing color a-line skirt, but a little more pricey - $65 after the discount, but

this awesome looking jacket is $86 after the discount...but i have no idea how i would wear this color

and this dress is $30!

someone please keep me from buying all of the above!

update - and now I checked out Ann Taylor Loft because the 40% off is good there too, gah!

pastel yellow cargo skirt

tropical floral skirt

this bag is pretty cute

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

pinterest just makes me want to shop, bake and eat

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LOVE this color combo, and the dress and bag!

i think i need this hammock. and somewhere to hang it.

i need to make these sand dollar cookies. i won't even care if they aren't delicious.

i really want this cork belt from ann taylor.

and this clutch which isn't online anymore:

i'm hungry for smores

and mojito jello shooters. right. now.

if i was more crafty, i would totally make this

panda cubs! sleeping!

i wish these kate spade flats weren't so expensive. i'm newly obsessed with cap toe flats.

i love this dress.

i think this may be a little too much. reese's stuffed oreos...dipped in chocolate? really? is that necessary?

but, i think my favorites are still random inspirational quotes:

and some other random finds: