Sunday, April 22, 2012

this modern love is a taco truck

it's raining and it has been raining all day. gross. my friend and i ran a 5k yesterday at bluemont vineyard - i thought i was ready, the first 2 miles were fun..problem is, i was not prepared for the entire race to be on the mountain, in and out of vines, on a weird side incline, up and down, back and out, and then the huge hill...soo let's just say the last half mile up the "hill" took me almost 20 minutes. pathetic! after the race (after i recovered enough to not feel like passing out), i swore i would never do it again, and i could not think of why anyone ever would do it again, ever! but now..maybe do it again to prove that i can actually run up the hill next time? hmmm.

 my phone has died, and will not charge. it kind of feels like the end of the world. i can't post anything to twitter. i can't check in anywhere on foursquare, i don't know where all of my friends are at any moment. i can't check facebook unless i'm at a computer. i don't get my emails right away. i can't talk to anyone. ahhhhh! how did we live before cell phones and all these apps? i feel so disconnected!

 i've really been wanting some cool blazers to change up my work wardrobe. i have suit blazers, but they're all black or pinstripe. problem is blazers are pretty expensive, and tough to find a good fit. i found a few on forever 21, but i can't decide if it's worth it...they're around $27 each's forever 21.
my goal of the year is to make my closet look more like this:
or this
...even though it is not that big, and not really walk-in... and lastly, here's a little sunday/monday inspiration:

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  1. I know what you mean....we rely on our phones being on hand so much now!!! I think the yellow blazer would look really nice for summer :-)