Friday, April 6, 2012

in love...

with this outfit from the atlantic-pacific blog:

i mean, really in love. can't stop thinking about it love. first, i've been eyeing those ann taylor shoes, but they only have the tan/black and tan/blue in my color. i really really want the tan/yellow or tan/pink. reallllly want. and they're 30% off now! maybe i will just buy the blue and hope they fit. not as adorable as the pink or yellow, but... old navy had some similar-looking shoes a few weeks ago but i think they're sold out. not as quality as the ann taylor ones and not AS adorable, but the tan/yellow combo..maybe i will try to uhnt them down (since they're like $20 instead of $80).

and the dress!! i want it. i have never bought anything from zara before, so i have no idea at all what size i would be. and i need a white jacket. who doesn't need a white jacket?

ok, back to dreaming about this outfit all day...

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