Thursday, April 5, 2012

it's ok....

it's ok... just be so frustrated with work some days you want to scream love the Easter "season" partially because of:
(it actually hasn't been on tv much this year!) be considering a masters...even though i have a law degree. more debt? why not? most positions i'd really want require 3-5 years of experience or a masters keep buying flowers to be delivered just because i don't have to pay shipping (FTD gold membership is awesome) really want to go on this vacation just because it's $897 for TEN nights. to thailand! but to be too afraid to purchase it because it isn't livingsocial, groupon, or jetsetter... be in love with whatshouldwecallme - i cannot stop clicking..and laughing..and clicking..and laughing..and the Forbes article makes me love it even more. still be using a blackberry. be obsessed with crochet Toms. i bought a pair in black...then this awesome teal color that is a Nordstrom exclusive. i want the coral or fuschia..and the me! really just not want to go into work some days. really hate this area because of rent prices. our condo (which we rent) is sooo small and we pay so much because of the (awesome) location. but i feel so cramped and really, i kind of want my own little room/yard to relax in. being so close to someone all the time and having so much crap adding to all my frustrations! look at the clock every 5 seconds, hoping that the work day is over..bah!

ps interesting read - good looking people earn more money?

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