Tuesday, April 24, 2012

oops, i bought shoes

- i had to go to the verizon store yesterday, which is at pentagon city mall (if you're ever in dc, avoid pentagon city mall - sooooo many kids from tour groups!). and then i walked into ann taylor, just to look, not really looking to buy..and they had the cap toe pointy flats that i've been staring at (online) for weeks now. and on sale! they were $69.99 and then 30% off (they wouldn't accept my 40% off coupon)...so $51! (i can't find a pic of the blue ones. i loveddd the pink ones but the sales associate said they never got the pink or black. the black are still online though! but not as cheap..)
- this weather is so crazy. it was 40-something yesterday, and rainy and gross. today, sunny and maybe 60s. i never know what to wear now!  - flights are SO expensive! i want to fly home to surprise my mom for mother's day. it used to be $49 each way to fly to florida...ok, that was 6 years ago, but still! now the roundtrip is over $300. that makes me sad. - do you ever find old pictures and realize how happy/tan/fun your life used to be? but at the time you never knew it? i dislike that feeling. (ps - added some pics on the sidebar over there!)- i really want to run a marathon relay later this year, or next. just the idea of running with a team...somewhere pretty...excuse for a mini vacation..sounds awesome. problem is, i don't have too many friends who run...and after napa this year, i feel like those friends may want to run less. i just want to run and run and run. - i am on day 2 of paleo..attempt #2 of this year. i'm tired of feeling so blah all the time, and i'm convinced part of it is because of my diet/health. the other part is not so easily fixed. i'm feeling a little more tired than usual, but it's probably because of the lack of sugar - i usually have some cookies or something ridiculously sweet right about now (and then crash 30 minutes later). - sooooooo it's that time - high school reunion time. i have no idea if i will go to mine or skip it. i reallllly want to skip it but if everyone else goes and it's open bar...welllllll, can't turn down open bar. but then there's the whole everyone bragging thing...


  1. good luck with paleo! i've been doing it for a couple weeks and i LOVE it! (i cheated last night but besides that have been doing really well) i really think i quadrupled the amount of vegetables i was eating!

    and i feel your pain for the florida flights! southwest used to be SOOO cheap!

  2. thanks for stopping by - i just followed you :) i've done paleo before and loved it, but uh..kind of went completely un-paleo for the last two years (i blame it on marriage).
    and yeah..southwest used to have direct flights from dulles..now there's a stop..in chicago..because that's on the way. haha.

  3. I always look at old pics and think Jezus, I was so skinny and cute even though at the time (and all the time) I feel chubby and stubby and pudgy.

  4. Looking at old pictures gives me mixed reactions, I know what you mean! Cute shoes!