Wednesday, April 4, 2012

the things you find on pinterest can be amazing or..really weird.

who wouldn't want a chicken hen tote bag?

i love love love this bag and they have it in yellow and natural colors too!

also loveee these shoes

i think i need a monogrammed hat for gold cup.

speaking of all this stuff i want to buy, i really need this because i have too many shoes already.

this indoor hammock looks so comfy. i just want to lay in it. all day. and night. forever.

i want to make tequila-soaked watermelon slices.

do you want a pb&j pouch? because i think i do.

or maybe a bacon wallet instead?

so awesome

and now i'm hungry for bacon tacos

i love some of the inspirational stuff that's posted. i want to copy this and put it somewhere in my work office. (by office i mean floor since i don't have an office.)

and lastly, pinterest reminded me of...something i cannot stop eating if i have them around. CANNOT. help!

ps i need a new layout/design/everything. anyone have suggestions? i'm tired of looking so..elementary, haha.


  1. AGREED! Those Cadbury mini eggs are ADDICTING! Instead of buying 1 big bag, I buy little bags, and then I'm less likely to open up a new one everyday! It works... But now I want some! Hahaha...

    XO Lucy

    1. haha, i do that too!! plus they're like 99 cents! (but then i start to feel like i'm wasting money instead of buying the big bag, lol)

  2. That flower bag is gorgeous!!! I love it!