Friday, April 13, 2012

JCrew. sale. enough said.

i used to buy so much from JCrew during law school - by so much, I mean I definitely ordered a bunch of stuff online or bought a bunch of stuff in the store at least once a month. by bunch of stuff i mean at least a few skirts and sweaters, sometimes a dress and a handbag and a belt, sometimes shirts. then i decided JCrew was a little expensive for me.

now there's a JCrew secret sale code for JCrew Factory online (it's SHOPNOW in case you want to buy stuff)

so i bought:

for my grandmother, she loves ladybugs

this amazing pink pencil skirt for myself, but i have no idea what i will pair it with...

this camp shirt. i used to wear button-down JCrew shirts with everything - jeans, skirts, work i never wear them.

the total, before shipping and tax: $58.44. ridiculous! so cheap for JCrew.

i really liked this lace skirt:
but i thought it would be even harder to pair...

i almost bought this bag:
but then i thought maybe it's too big, too much of a tote bag.

and i think this is super cute:
maybe as a beach tote?


  1. Those pencil skirts are amazing! LOVE LOVE LOVE

  2. Nice picks, and you got great deals!! I think I wouldn't have been a strong and would have caved and got the lace skirt, too! :-)

  3. thanks! the lace skirt is still on sale..i'm trying to resist...

  4. I love that lace skirt!

    ♥ Shia