Tuesday, June 28, 2011

101 in 1001 - THE list

"You are never too old to set another goal or dream a new dream..." - C.S. Lewis

I like lists, and if I didn't make to do lists I'm not sure that I'd ever actually complete things I need to complete. I haven't really made any lists of goals lately, so when I read about the 101 goals in 1001 days challenge, I loved it.

The idea: make a list of 101 goals/things you want to do in the next 1001 days. (1001 days is around 2.75 years) Tasks must be specific and realistic. For more on the idea - http://dayzeroproject.com/about/

So, here's my 101 in 1001 list..which, by the way, is tough to make! It took me weeks. I'm going to post it today and then think about it for another day or so to be able to decide if any tasks are too ridiculous or just too easy. I think July 1st sounds like a good 1st day of the challenge. I'm trying to get friends to make lists too so we can all do the challenge together :)
*highlighted in green = completed!
*highlighted in yellow = in progress

  1. try rock climbing, once
  2. run a half marathon
  3. avoid eating at restaurants for 30 days
  4. try bikram yoga
  5. buy and learn to run in vibrams
  6. deadlift body weight
  7. deadlift +200lbs
  8. learn to not suck at burpees (i'm always been horrible at them, recently made worse)
  9. try paddleboarding
  10. take a trapeze class
  11. go strict paleo for 30 days
  12. go 80/20 paleo (strict paleo for 80% of the time) for 6 months
  13. hike old rag (i may revise this one)
  14. go to sleep before 11pm for a full week
  15. try skiing/snowboarding again
  16. complete elements/foundations classes
  17. actually start crossfitting 3-5x/week again (completed if i do this for at least 1 month, the continue)
  18. run 1001 miles
  19. walk to work for a week
  20. take/practice yoga nidra 2x a week for 6 months (one week down)
  21. be in better shape on day 1001 than on day 1
  22. get in shape enough to successfully complete the fbi fitness test
  23. meditate daily for 30 days (even if they are short meditations most days)
  24. attend an interfaith meditation event
  25. start playing and/or coaching tennis again, a few times a month at least
  26. be able to do pull ups without bands
  27. learn kipping pull ups
  28.  do fran wod as rx'ed
  29. do helen wod as rx'ed
  30. clean >100lbs (max before was i think around 65)
  31. beat previous fight gone bad record (which i need to look up)
  32. be able to do real double-unders (i just cannot do them)
  33. bench press 100lbs
  34. take (and pass) crossfit L1 test before dec 31st (2011) to keep certification
35. get new passport (august 11 just found my old one! haha)
  1. go out of the country (maybe also knock out #37)
  2. visit a tiny island
  3. visit napa again
  4. plan a girls' vacay
  5. actually go on girls' vacay
  6. have a bonfire on the beach
  7. camp on the beach (assateague?)
  8. jump off of a waterfall
  9. stay at a cabin in the woods/mountains for a weekend
  10. take vacay with the fam
Volunteering/leadership stuff 
46. take on a leadership role in an organization
  1. go on a mission trip (i love the idea of the world race, but can't commit to a year)
  2. leave an operation beautiful (http://www.operationbeautiful.com/) note somewhere
  3. become active in junior league - joined june 2011
  4. teach sunday school/catechism classes for at least one "semester"
  5. become a "friend of" a museum or art gallery
  6. lead 5 volunteer events (with any organization)
  7. join planning committee for relay for life one year
  8. volunteer at professional tennis match
  9. volunteer with youth group at church for 6+ months
  10. sit on a nonprofit/organization board
  11. attend a nonprofit gala
Trying things/new stuff 
58. make 5 new friends
  1. read 10 new books
  2. learn italian (finish at least first level of RS)
  3. go to a free movie - screen on the green, etc.
  4. take maxwell to the beach
  5. shoot a gun (at a range)
  6. buy (and use) another dresser
  7. buy a homeless person dinner
  8. enter a baking contest 07/02/11 - but now want to enter a non-biased baking contest!
And other random things... 
67. go karting, take the cousins
  1. take a picture in a photobooth (or "family photos" with friends)
  2. actually use kitchen aid mixer to bake something (it's so pretty)
  3. host a dinner party once a year
  4. think/blog about the 50 questions http://www.marcandangel.com/2009/07/13/50-questions-that-will-free-your-mind   finished 7/5/11!
  5. clean out closets/storage this one was too similar to the next, so revising it to: try krav maga
  6. get rid/give away a bunch of stuff sitting in storage (goodwill?)
  7. don't complain for a week
  8. go one week without using any money at all (minus one grocery trip at beginning of week)
  9. get a "new" haircut
  10. finish the rest of the name change stuff
  11. write 5 thank you notes to people in under-appreciated jobs
  12. pay off credit card, or a significant portion of it
  13. throw someone a surprise party
  14. go a full day without email/texts/phone
  15. clean out car so it's not full of random things
  16. bake treats for neighbors once
  17. make homemade dog biscuits/treats for maxwell and his buddies
  18. bake for a bake sale or charity event
  19. go to professional tennis match (legg-mason?) - july 2011 legg mason tennis classic!
  20. document a day of my life in pictures
  21. host a holiday party once a year
  22. start dinner meeting with friends 1x a month or every other month
  23. go one week without watching tv (this one will be tough)
  24. write a list of 101 things i've achieved in my life (i'm not sure there are that many?)
  25. organize recipes/start recipe book/blog
  26. write a thank you note 3-5 teachers/mentors from the past
  27. make a list of 50 things that make me smile
  28. make a list of my 50 favorite quotes
  29. take clothes to dry cleaners for the first time ever
  30. host thanksgiving one year..or easter
  31. create a dc bucket list (to share)
  32. avoid gmail/gchat/etc. at work for a week
  33. teach cousins tie dye
  34. wash car once a month