Friday, December 16, 2011

these are my confessions

linking up :)

-I haven't bought anyone anything for Christmas yet. Not one thing. I do have a list..kind of, with some options, but I'm cutting it sooooo close! After being on the computer all day at work I just don't want to shop online once I get home :\ But I'm definitely not going to the malls around here...they're going to be insane. Tyson's was crazy in late November before black Friday...

I'd love to wrap gifts like this:

-I have no idea what to buy my husband for Christmas. He's suddenly very into photography but he keeps buying stuff and I have no idea what else he would need. And photography classes look to be around $300 here, and I don't know if he could make the schedule or if it would be worth it. And I don't want to just buy him clothes...I would definitely just buy him some alternative medicine treatments (more acupuncture, a yoga class pass, etc.) but I feel like then I'd be pushing him to do things again which I don't want to do (because you can't help someone if they don't want help or aren't open to newer things).

-I'm a little worried about gifts - I guess this kind of sounds selfish but, I mean, worried about gifts I'll receive. The problem is, I'd rather someone spend less money on something more meaningful, than a bunch of things that don't have any meaning, or a bunch of things that I may not like. I'm tough to buy for, and I hate getting gift certificates, so there's that..and I don't really share what I want. But I would much rather my husband spend like $100 on a LivingSocial or Groupon deal for 1-2 nights away on a mini-vacation, than a bunch of other stuff. I really like getting (and giving) experiences instead of material things.

-I reallllllllllly need to get my hair cut, or highlighted, or dyed, or something. I bought some of the foam dye a few weeks ago but I'm so scared to use it because I've never done it myself before..and I've only ever had highlights before. So scared of a tiny little box...

-I have not sent out Christmas cards yet but I did finally address them and write them all out last night :)

-I still send Christmas cards to some exes..but they're friends too. Is that weird? I mean I know their families...

-I really really really miss having a Christmas/winter break while in school. That's not the reason I want to go back to school, but I do really miss it. I miss being able to go home for 2-3 weeks and just have fun and not worry about things. And it was so much fun in college because everyone else would be home for the holidays too, so one giant party for two weeks. Kind of the same for law school, but people started to move away and/or not come home for the holidays :\

-I'm not pumped at all for new years, and I actually have zero plans. Some of my friends are going to one of the big nye parties here, but it's like $199 or something, which I can't afford and don't want to pay anyway. New years are usually SUCH a letdown! And I'd hate to pay 200+ bucks and then have it be a letdown and have wasted that much! I wouldn't mind getting dressed up, but there's no way I'm drinking and eating $200 worth of stuff! The best new years eves I've ever had have actually been in my house..just having a few friends come over and just sit around the pool and drink. So relaxing and a good way to just end the year (better than pushing through people to try to get a $15 drink at a bar). I miss those years. I miss those people.

-Writing Christmas cards I realized I have fallen out of touch with sooo many people from high school and college, and a few from law school too :\ I wish we could just have one giant party/reunion type thing.

And now I really want to make these Nutella cookies:


  1. I totally love Nutella, great idea for a cookie!

    And yes, TYSONS is THE WORST WORST WORST around the holidays....ugh, no bueno!

    I'm not doing Christmas cards this year...oh well!

    Have a great weekend xoxo

  2. My NYE usually consist of snacking while watching the ball drop....alone haha! I have an exciting life, I know!

  3. I HATE NEW YEARS EVE!!!!! And completely agreed that Tyson's is a nightmare during the holidays (and Pentagon City = ALWAYS!).

    Good luck finding your hubs a gift! It is so difficult to buy for them... I got mine fleece pajama pants (wow, I really went all out ;)).

    Hope you had a good weekend! XOXO

  4. my friend also just sent me a nutella sea salt fudge recipe. i want to make it sooo bad.

    i think staying at home for new years is acutally smarter..and way cheaper..and way safer..etc. i'll prob do the same :) haha

    i HATE pentagon city and i refuse to ever go there unless i'm desperate. it's always so packed and people are rude AND there are always buses full of high school/middle school/whatever age groups. so crazy!

    pajamas may actually be one of my gifts to my husband haha...