Thursday, December 15, 2011

and then i wanted to move to lake tahoe

i need a vacation to recover from vacation..even though i slept more than i should have while on vacation. why does this happen?!

i also now want to move to lake tahoe. i've always liked california, and i was actually looking forward to the napa part of the trip more, but tahoe is sooooo pretty. mountains. lake. trees. "beaches." what else can you ask for? (nice people, amazing grocery store..they have those also.)

(look at that house way up there!)

i actually wonder how much it costs to live near lake tahoe, and what people do for work. i just looked. one bedrooms are under a thousand bucks. like way under. AND there are four bedroom houses for $1500. that is so cheap compared to dc!! and then there are amaaazing houses like this one. heaven??

but everyone there seems sooo happy and so happy to be there, and just so relaxed. also, they have morning happy hour specials at some places. i guess in the winter everyone just skis/snowboards and drinks. doesn't sound too bad to me...

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