Monday, December 5, 2011

holiday recipes!

day 5 of holiday blog challenge - holiday recipes!

caramel apple cider cookies (from the girl who ate everything)
(pic is from recipe link) -these were so quick to make and are amazing out of the oven, or out of the microwave. they taste so much like holidays! when i was putting the cider mix into the butter/sugar mix, the powder formed clouds of apple cider that went onto my face..sooo strong!

i usually make these homemade oreos
sometimes add a little peppermint oil to the icing) and then dip them in chocolate and add colorful sprinkles :)

and i make these
hazelnut truffles and variations of them to give out...

even though i love chocolate, i think my favorite christmas cookie is just a plain sugar cookie (in a christmas-y shape)
decorated with frosting.
so easy/fun to make (but kind of a pain too, haha). i made chocolate sugar cookies last year from this recipe.
(pic from smittenkitchen - i can't find a pic of the ones i made :\ )

i really want to try these
hot chocolate cookies (pic from the girl who ate everything link)
and these chestnut cookies sound holiday-y too!
and these
candy cane eggnog macaroons sound amazing (yet difficult) (pic from recipe link)

bonus pic -
he was so cute when he was teeny!


  1. omgeee...homemade oreos?!? I've never heard of them before, but now I need them in my life :-)

  2. Those all look so amazing! I have never had chocolate sugar cookies, I will have to try that.

  3. It all looks sooooo yummy!!!

    ♥ Shia

  4. I love a good, thick, soft, beautifully painted sugar cookie during the holidays.