Friday, December 2, 2011

day 5 of holiday blog challenge, or, first time i've posted 5 days in a row.

Holiday Blog Challenge - Day 5!
Ideal outfit for Christmas/New Years

We've always stayed in pajamas to open Christmas gifts (should I wear my onesie this year? I think my mom would think I'm crazy!)

And then we change into something a little more presentable. I always opt for comfort over style on Christmas since it's family. Maybe I'll styleit up a little this year with this Express dress:

or something like this (I love Rachel Bilson):

or something a little understated:
Extras - Leighton Meester

For new years, I love this dress that Amber posted:
I can't see the front of it, but I love sparkly things for new years.

Style inspiration: Olivia Palermo

I also love this lacey dress by JCrew:

I'm going low-key this year for new years (I think) and either staying home or hangin out with little cousins, so I'll be wearing either:
(pjs from jcrew)
or something just as comfy :)


  1. Great picks! I always get new comfy pj's for Christmas and I spend most of Christmas day in them :)

  2. The back of that gray sparkly dress is insane!! Love it!

  3. I love the sparkly dress with the cut outs :) It's right up my alley!