Wednesday, December 7, 2011

2012 goals

holiday blog challenge - day 9

these are all from my 101 in 1001 list (if you don't know what a 101 list is, go here.)

-run napa half marathon in under 2 hours (i'm worried about this one because of recent health bs/pain, blah!)
-go 100% paleo for 30 days
-start coaching tennis again
-be able to do a pull up without bands
-attend a nonprofit gala
-have a successful relay for life event
-clean up our apartment so we have space
-pay off good portion of credit card
-host a holiday party
-write thank you notes to 3-5 teachers/mentors from past
-write thank you notes to 3-5 people in underappreciated jobs

1 comment:

  1. Great list! I had to look up what Paleo was but now I am intrigued!