Wednesday, December 7, 2011

wish list

day 6 of holiday blog challenge
christmas wish list

apparently i'm really hard to shop for (but i don't really think i am?). we used to make christmas lists for santa when we were little. i feel like as you get older, you get more and more clothes/gift cards as christmas gifts. (definitely not as fun as toys!) i would LOVE to "get" the christmas gift of everyone being healthy (and taking away all of their current health issues). that would really be the best gift, ever. i also would realllly love to be living in a townhouse, or a house, in the same area but..much larger than we're in now. i just want a bigger kitchen. and a bigger closet. that's all i ask for. but for realistic wishes:

i love this map. i think it would look awesome on our wall.

i really want these inov-8 shoes for crossfit.

i need to get a foam roller:
or rumble roller (but i'm pretty afraid of this one):

and maybe finally an iphone. my blackberry battery dies so quickly, and i love/hate the blackberry itself.

i need to re-join a crossfit gym, but definitely don't have the $200/month for it. so maybe a 10-20 class punch card at one of the gyms here...

i also need new workout clothes (some of mine are, somehow, from literally..high school) and shoes for work (because i literally wear holes into my flats). and probably some more professional looking work clothes (but i hate work clothes). and a vacation on an island somewhere. and more paid time off from work. and a job i really love. lalala...

i want to try a trapeze class:
(photo from TSNY site)

oh, and for christmas i'd also like:
more blog followers!!


  1. Great list! I feel you on the workout clothes, I feel like a ragmuffin in my stuff!

  2. Love those shoes! I'd also have to agree on the work out clothes... and work clothes.

  3. Trapeze class! That's exciting!