Monday, April 16, 2012

i wish these things would come back:

oreo o's - these things were amazing. i didn't even know they are not being sold anymore until i recently googled them (on the day oreos were created or something). and now i'm sad. yeah, they were not so healthy (at all, not even a little) but they were so delicious and you just felt like you were eating dessert. not even cereal. just dessert.

the show happy hour. it was only on for like, part of a season.

the show unhitched. luckily, all six (yeah only six) episodes are on imdb.

rice krispie treats cereal - another not healthy at all but really delicious one (that i didn't know was discontinued until..just now)

buncha crunch. this is my favorite candy ever..other than mini cadbury eggs. they still have it at movie theaters..some of them, but nowhere else that i can find. soooo good.

crispy m&ms (all these new ones they're making just are not good)

(seems like i'm hungry and want to watch funny tv?)

apparently slap bracelets are making a comeback. my cousin had one and he thinks it is the coolest thing ever.

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  1. Buncha Crunch... so good! I would love to see those comeback too!