Thursday, June 14, 2012

ok ok ok

it's ok...

...that i have no idea if i'm pulling off what i'm wearing or not. i'm trying this whole mixing colors thing, and i have on a bright blue skirt from ny & co, with a sort of light hot pink top...and then hot pink cap toe flats. so. bright. i love it. but noooo idea at all if i look like a crazy person from the 90s... (below are the shoes)

...that i'm pretty positive i had some weird type of flulike thing from eating normal people food this weekend. i hadn't had pizza in so long.

...i haven't bought any new clothes in >2 weeks. that is crazy for me! but i did spend a lot on drinks last weekend sooo i guess we're even.

...that i've taken naps from about 7-10pm 3 nights this week. oops.

...that i wish it was last week so i'd be heading to the beach tonight. such a good weekend.

...that i have no idea how i was not hungover at all last weekend. (i didn't run and crossfit like i said i was going to though. i had such big plans! i was going to wake up fri and sat and run to the crossfit gym and get in a workout. did not happen. i slept til at least 10am every day...way past everyone else.) wish "work" meant pinning things on pinterest every day. and baking or buying them. just feel really worn out and need a week on a beach alone somewhere to recover from life.

...that i dreamed about rope climbs last night; by this i mean, dreamed i could actually do them. and so i continued to climb the rope over and over again.

...that i've realized that if there is chocolate around, i will eat it. especially mini rolos. if i see them, i will buy them. if i buy them, i will eat them...immediately. not good. be so tired of this shoulder injury. i've only been able to run as a workout for the last week and a half and it sucks! i just want to lift some stuff and throw weight around. be annoyed with verizon's new non-unlimited data plans, their pricing and service in general, and new lack of ringtones. be kind of excited about making this for a bday party:

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  1. stinks to have any kind of injury..hope you recover soon!!
    your watermelon looks way fun...have fun!!
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.