Thursday, June 7, 2012

it's ok...

 ...i haven't posted  because i'm too busy thinking about the beachhhhhhh!

...i haven't been to crossfit since saturday. i think i pinched a nerve/did something weird to my shoulder in saturday's workout. i barely slept that night because there was not a position i could lay in where i wasn't in pain. gah!

...that since i can't really do the workouts, i can only run and back squat, all i reallllly want to do is lift stuff.

...that i plan to run to the crossfit gym at the beach tomorrow or sat morning, but will probably be too hungover to actually get up and do it.

...that i have no idea what i packed for the beach. i think some dresses and skirts, but once i get there i will keep saying i don't have anything to wear. realllly wish i was in the party-mode enough to join a beach house for the summer. (and to actually have time to!) kind of want a nook or ipad. but, i never really read and still don't really understand ipads. but i feel like so many people in pr/communications roles have them, i need one...

...that since my cf gym is in ballston, some friends are in ballston, and game-watching bar is in ballston, i want to move to ballston...even though clarendon is amazing. but, it would be ridiculously expensive to move and apartment/condo hunting is so tough around here. have almost left a note on someone's car yesterday. this girl cut me off in a turn lane, when i could not turn because the intersection was full and people were crossing...and then ended up parking on the same level in the same garage at work. not a good morning start. be really ready for 530pm so i can get out of here and get on the way to the beach and my first orange crush of the year.
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Source: via Cailin on Pinterest

i'm thinking of blogging (or starting a separate blog) about crossfit workouts, and here's why. i think there are so many blogs out there about crossfit - from gyms, trainers, people who have done it forever and are way strong, etc. but i'm not sure there are any from just average people who are not super strong or fast. (i'm sure there are transformation blogs out there, but i don't even know how you find those except stumbling upon one or if someone/a gym sends out a link/features it.) but i think a lot of people are super intimidated by crossfit - they think of flipping tires, olympic weightlifting (which i think most people in general have nooo idea at all where to even begin) and super intense (and amazing) athletes they see on the crossfit games. soo maybe it would be interesting to have just an average gal (aka someone who is usually the slowest/weakest in all workouts at her gym, aka me) posting about it to show people that actually, anyone can do this!

maybe it'll happen, maybe it won't :)

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