Thursday, May 17, 2012

it's ok...

it's ok... be upset that it's thursday, and not friday.

Source: via Krista on Pinterest really wish i was a teacher so that i could have summer vacations. problem is, i'm not amazing at explaining things, soooo there's that.

...that a doctor can easily freak you out/ruin your day by bringing up something (and then you spend the rest of the day thinking you have the symptoms and googling stuff and worrying!) really just want to go to the beach for memorial day weekend, even if it's going to be super crowded and super expensive! really want a personal stylist to do a wardrobe overhaul/closet audit. i need help! try to be trendy one day and mix colors and then have no idea, all day long, if it is working or not. (do i look stupid and mismatched? or trendy? who knows!) really want another pair of black crochet toms because i am wearing my current ones out. be pretty excited to take on a committee chair this coming league year in junior league :) i have a committee! get sad when my friends aren't really considering joining :( still really, really want a white blazer and a hot pink blazer. really wish i had a house just so i could do cool decorating things like this wine barrel table (but not want a house at all because i'd have to take care of it.) just want to lay in bed/by a pool and watch it's always sunny in philadelphia. all day long. for a few weeks. or months. no? wish i could pull off this dress: have ordered a dozen cupcakes from gtown cupcake to be shipped to my parents just because there was a discount code... really want to make these amazing cookies again: have saved sooo many recipes from pinterest that i want to try, but never have time to...

and to reallllly want to make the rum ham like they had in it's always sunny...
Source: via Krista on Pinterest keep realizing more and more that life is so short, and i'm not happy doing what i'm doing. but, i'm not courageous enough to just drop everything holding me back...i mean that's a hugeeeee risk.

Source: via Krista on Pinterest

ps - 90s food/drink to bring back :)


  1. You are in JL?!

    I was doing my provisional year when I lived in Oklahoma City, but then we had to PCS to Quantico, so I had to resign.

    I'm trying to decide whether to start over here, the NOVA JL is really far for me to drive, and DC JL isn't much closer :(


  2. you should join! i'm in the nova league - i think we have members alllll over nova. (i'm pretty sure we have some members down by belvoir and lorton, and then we have members in very western loudoun county, and members who live/work in dc too.) where are you at?