Wednesday, May 2, 2012

way late pinning

loving this lace dress:

and this amazing hamper:

neeeed this skirt:

miss this place:

really love these guys:

need these shoes:

love this hanging bed:

how ridiculous is this ice cream cake?
i wish i was wearing this to gold cup but can't find ANY pink blazers in over a size 0:

i love this dress, sooo adorable:

how awesome is a shoe wheel?

i wish this jcrew clutch wasn't 88 bucks:

lastly, i'd like to go here, now:

bonus little tidbit: there's a sale on hautelook now for some lingerie brands, including slips - i don't know about anyone else but i've found it impossible to actually find slips that are not shapewear and that are not like 40 bucks! i found one at h&m the other day, skirt slip, for $15, but the ones on hautelook are less! check it out!


  1. I want to eat that ice cream cake right now!

  2. That skirt is too cute for its own good!