Friday, May 4, 2012

new friends? cup!

linking up with Kelly's Korner for this!

cinco de mayo tomorrow! this watermelon margarita recipe looks delicious. i want it, like, right now, at 10am.

ok, had to get that out of the way because it looks so good.

me: 20-something, grew up in florida and then moved to dc for law school. "enjoyed" law school, but would not do it again if i had the choice (too much debt and no jobs!) i'm still working in the legal field, but not practicing law. really love communications work and nonprofit day hope to finally move into a position involving both of those :) i'm also an army wife (though i hate referring to myself as that) and kind of caregiver (my husband has had a bunch of health issues since returning from iraq).

i live in the dc area (glad there are a ton of wineries in virginia - we actually got married at one). i love crossfit (though i've taken a few huge breaks for the last few years) and running. i don't use many caps in my blog, i don't know why, i just like the look of all lowercase - is that weird?

i will also pretty much watch any tv show aimed at teenagers, i just love the drama. it's kind of ridiculous. i really miss the show "greek" - it was soooo good, and i love cappie. i also love criminal minds - sometimes i have dreams that i'm one of the fbi agents. then i wake up and i'm disappointed it wasn't real.

also, loveeeeee the beach. if i could choose between having a high-paying job in a city versus an ok-paying job (enough to pay bills and have a little extra) where i could live in a condo right on the beach, i'd choose the beach one, hands down. (ps, did you know that there are AMAZING 2-3br condos in florida right on the beach for less money than a 1br condo by a metro stop in arlington? if i had money to buy a condo, i'd buy one on the beach rather than here! then i'd figure out how to make money living at the beach.)

i really wish i was at home making (and eating) these s'mores pancakes right now:

lastly, SO so so glad it is friday. this week has been sooo long! i'm going to gold cup tomorrow, and attempting to decorate my very plain hat tonight - will post pictures if it turns out either really horrible or kind of cute.

and for some gold cup inspiration:


  1. margs @ 10am? love.
    beach > city. love. agree.
    in my area? love!

    i was totally going to gold cup! had tickets to the university row tent, but since my hubby is out of town (thanks military) i sold my tickets :( had my outfit and hat picked out already! oh, well, guess i'll wear it all tomorrow to be there in spirit :)

    have a blast if you are going!! cheers!

  2. doesn't the margarita look delicious?

    i went to university row a few years ago and it was awesome! i'm going with this other bus/tent/food/drink combo this year with some friends, also husband-less for the day. if you happen to want to come tomorrow (with random people you don't know, haha, i realize that's weird) i have a friend selling a ticket - it's cheaper than university row :) i still have to make my hat tonight, ahh!

  3. Hi! Found your link on Kelly's Korner another Florida Girl in DC! Yay! Gold Cup will be a blast, did you get tickets in the gator club tent? We arent going this year because we have a baby. Day drinking and responsible childcare don't mix, but now I'm wishing we got a sitter-ha! Have fun, looking forward to reading your blog.

  4. hey sarah - it's krista, we're on the dc gators board together - btw, congrats on the little one!! :)

    i went to university row a few years ago and LOVED it. i wanted to do university row again this year (especially because it's all florida schools!!) but some friends were already going with another bus/tent group, so i'm going with them. i hope the weather holds out!

  5. That margarita recipe does look very tempting! I love the beach, too :-)