Friday, November 25, 2011


I really want to buy new shoes for work (maybe more flats since I've apparently forgotten how to walk in heels), but I also really want to buy new workout shoes.

I want to get really into POSE running/chi running before the half marathon in July - I want to be able to do most of the training runs and most of the half using the correct running techniques. And I think I need new shoes to do that, right? The workout shoes I currently have are a New Balance pair (for running) and then a Puma pair (without much support/heel/anything, for Crossfit workouts without running).

I've read awesome reviews about the Inov-8 shoes, and I really want this one:
But I also kind of like these.
They're both (well, earlier models I think?) on sale right now at Again Faster, but I can't decide which to get. The F-Lite has a 3mm differential and 3mm footbed; the bares have no differential.

And now I need to try to find flats that are not ridiculously expensive...

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