Thursday, November 17, 2011

It's OK...

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It's OK...
-to keep buying sweaters/coats/anything from Old Navy because they keep sending out coupons (even though i have not worn either new coat yet...)
-to be annoyed by all of the Christmas items in stores that have been there since..before Halloween!
-to not have started Christmas shopping at all (and haven't even started to make a list of gifts to buy...)
-to not have ordered Christmas cards yet - I just can't decide!
-to be super into volunteering that you don't have time for other stuff..(right??)
-to be yawning at work at 9am
-to want to go see jack's mannequin two nights in a row...
-to miss school
-to want to go back and sort of re-do college (i feel like i wasted so much time! and i don't even remember what i did most of the time...)
-to return "dresses" that have a weird tulip skirt part that does not cover..anything
-to want twice as many days off as we currently have


  1. I second doubling the amount of days off!!

    Newest follower...I'm a Gator too...currently in Jax but moving to Washington State soon!!

    ♥ Shia

  2. yay i'm following you back! go gators! and wow, washington state is the farthest you can get from gainesville..except alaska, so far!!