Monday, November 7, 2011

Dear Monday...

(linkup for Dear Monday)

Dear Monday...why are you here so soon? It was just Monday...
Dear stores that have halloween candy on sale...I don't like you. Please give away your candy to some place that may need it so that I stop buying it..and eating it. Thanks.
Dear people who talk really loud in conference rooms with the door open..close the door. Thank you.
Dear weather...thank you for being so amazing today. (It's like 60 and super sunny..and I wish I was outside.)
Dear post nasal drip..please go away!
Dear Old Navy..please still have the coats I want tonight :) (There's a 30% off coupon on their website..but it's not valid for outerwear online, only at the store. They have a super cute yellow peacoat...and a long white wool coat..sooo cheap compared to other places! I want them!)


  1. So glad you linked up your little letters this week! :) And seriously, why does Old Navy have so many cute things! Thanks for reading the bloggy!

  2. thanks for visiting! and i just bought two coats...for $55! so ridiculous!