Wednesday, November 30, 2011

holiday decorations/decor

Holiday blog challenge, day 3

Holiday decorations/decor
Decorating apartments (especially small ones) is pretty tough - I bought a fake little tree a few years ago and ornaments, and I bought a mini wreath at Trader Joe's the other day (mainly because they smell soo amazing) like this but smaller:
but other than that there's not really room (or funds) for decorations :\ BUT last year we wrapped our front door with Christmas wrapping paper. I didn't take any pictures of it though, but we put a bow on it..and couldn't see out of the peephole for weeks. No one really said anything about it...this year I'm not sure we can wrap the front door since we're in a condo now.

I want a big tree, and decorations, and lights around the day...

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