Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Surgery is not fun. Going under is so stressful, but then it's over and you feel drunk/out of it, so that part is kind of fun, but waking up not being able to talk and feeling like someone is stabbing you in the throat..not fun at all!

-Hearing your heartbeat in surround sound in the operating room before you go under is one of the creepiest things ever.
-I remember my eyes starting to close after the anesthesiologist said ok here's oxygen and now I'm giving you anesthesia through the IV...
-When I woke up, first thing I said was please have my parents check to make sure my husband got home ok. He had a doctor's appointment and he didn't answer my call when I called him literally before they wheeled me away. (I kind of made them wait, the doctors and nurse were standing there ready to wheel me away and I said wait wait wait...and then he didn't answer. I felt like such an ass.)
-Waking up with random bruises and the little sticky blue things from monitors is kind of weird.
-My throat hurt for two days..the first day it literally felt like someone was stabbing me with a knife..I could only eat ice cream, and even drinking hurt.
-I've been so dizzy the last few days, I guess it has gotten a little less each day but it's hard to concentrate and sometimes I feel like my head is just going to fall over or my vision is shaky. I don't think that's normal.
-Other stuff has happened that I don't think is supposed to happen either; I called my surgeon and left a message, but he hasn't called back yet. I'm worried I may have an infection. I was sooo sweaty this morning when I got to work...not good!
-I would not choose to have elective surgery again :\ even though this is to treat a medical issue..I wonder what would have happened if I had just waited. I'd still be working out!
-Not working out sucks so bad. The doctor said wait at least a week until the follow-up appointment, but seeing how the stuff is healing..I think I will be out longer than that :x

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