Thursday, March 22, 2012

Linking up for Thursdays w/ Neely!

It's OK...

*to not at all understand all the hype around hunger games. (And who has time to read anyway?? I don't, or maybe it's more that grad school made me not want to read again for a long time?)

*to be super excited about eating a Publix sub in <24 hours *to be a little upset that my new TOMS (first pair) - the black crochet ones - will not arrive until tomorrow...after my flight :\ but I only wear flip flops in Florida anyway *to really miss playing tennis and having friends who play tennis (daily) *that I've given myself an extra few days to recover before going back to the gym..I really want to go back but the doctor said it's fine, just don't push myself too hard...but, I don't live by that and I don't want to go to the gym just to go easy, so I'm resting instead *to have switched to the Cherry Blossom 5K instead of 10-miler (I haven't run since November and I had been planning to run some in March but then couldn't since my surgery was pushed back (by me)) *that I've pretty much been wearing flip flops every day since the last time it snowed (and it barely even snowed) *that I had so much fun talking about UF to admitted students..I really really really think I may want to work in higher education somehow *to really want to read this book after reading the "search inside" stuff

*to sorta kinda wish my wedding cake looked like this:

*to want this jacket, even though i never wear them to work (or ever):

*to think this purse is so awesome:

*to also really really want this clutch:

...and this penguin ring

*to love this necklace

*and, lastly, it's OK to really really really really wish I was here right now:

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