Tuesday, July 5, 2011

67. enter a baking contest

(will be updated with pics soon)

so i entered the "bake off" this Sunday on a whim, and made s'mores cupcakes. these turned out amazing again, except that they're messy and since there is a huge marshmallow in the middle, when they come out of the oven the middle sinks in and then the cupcake kind of falls apart. so they aren't pretty, but they are so delicious it doesn't matter.

anyway, the "bake off" was definitely rigged. i have no problem at all with losing, but losing when the owner waited 30 minutes past the cut off time for a friend to show up, then the friend runs in with a cherry pie at the last second (wearing a lil bo peep dress, i'm serious, i can't even explain)...and then they happen to start the "bake off" right then and she just happens to win....even though when you walk by her pie and see the slice they cut out, the pie itself looks like cherry soup, not cherry pie.

anyway, so a disappointing experience. i think bake-offs should be judged by consumer favorite, or by a panel of non-biased judges. that is all.

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