Monday, July 18, 2011

4. bikram yoga, (scared?) plus bonus goals

i'm intimidated by bikram yoga. something about paying to be in a heated room and sweat and do funny poses..just sounds weird to me. but so many people love it, i have to give it a try. (for some reason i really enjoy trying things that many people think are crazy/hippie/ridiculous/whatever.) i've read that to prepare, you should drink more water than normal for the days before. i'm going to do it this weekend. there. committed. (this did not happen)

it's funny how it took me weeks to finish the 101 list, and then after i posted it i started thinking of a bunch of other things i would have included. i think i'll just make them additional or bonus goals, or keep a list in case i need to replace any goals:
-join/start cornhole/skeeball team one season (starting 7/20!) bonus points for both +2
-see mayday parade live again
-go skydiving again, preferably somewhere awesome near a beach
-say yes to everything (reasonable) for a day
-say no to everything for a day
-wear actual work clothes to work for a week (this one is so tough for me)
-take an anti-gravity yoga class ( )
-take a parkour class (just because how ridiculous is it??)
-learn how to effectively icing cupcakes so they look pretty instead of messy (yet yummy)
-buy one of the deal of the day vacations, and just go
-take a sailing class
-see a penguin. in person. (ridiculous)
-take a picture with a celebrity
-send a secret to postsecret

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