Monday, September 19, 2011

fall blog challenge, day 1

Fabulous Fall Blog Challenge

fall traditions
-haunted house/haunted forest visit (LOVE these. we've somehow always ended up near a group of like 9-10 year olds, so we have to act all tough. and they scream enough for everyone)
-halloween stuff (i haven't really carved a pumpkin in forever, i think i'll try to help cousins carve pumpkins this year)
-cooler weather
-gator games (that i use more as an opportunity to drink/socialize than actually watch football, lalala)
-flannel pj pants from jcrew (i can't even explain my obsession with them, especially the ones that roll up a tiny bit on the ends to show a different pattern)
-flannel sheets
-fun warm hats
-running in chilly weather
-hoping for snow

(fall blog challenge here: )

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